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Policies on The Use of Respiratory Protection for Hospital Health Workers to Protect From Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Published time: 6 March 2020

Authors: Abrar A.Chughtai, Holly Seale, Md Saiful Islam, Mohammad Owais, C. Raina Macintyre


The lack of agreement on the selection and use of masks (medical or surgical facemasks) and respirators (N95/P2/FFP2 or equivalent) is reflected in inconsistent and conflicting policies worldwide (MacIntyre et al., 2014Chughtai et al., 2013). Masks and respirators are commonly used to protect healthcare workers from respiratory infections, particularly during the initial periods of outbreaks/ pandemics when other control measures not yet available (Aiello et al., 2010Aledort et al., 2007). In this paper, we examined existing policies of selected health organizations and countries on the use of masks and respirators to protect hospital health workers from COVID-19.

Policies on the use of respiratory protection for hospital health workers to protect from coronavirus disease (COVID-19)



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