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Strategies for Vaccine Design for Coronavirus Using Immunoinformatics Techniques

Published time: 2 March 2020

Authors: Anamika Basu, Anasua Sarkar, Ujjwal Maulik

Keywords: Immunoinformatics, vaccine design, Coronavirus, nonstructural protein 4 of beta coronavirus, B cell epitope, T cell epitope, molecular docking


The cutting-edge technology vaccinomics is the combination of two topics immunogenetics and immunogenomics with the knowledge of systems biology and immune profiling for designing a vaccine against infectious disease. In our present study, an epitope-based peptide vaccine against nonstructural protein 4 of beta coronavirus, using a combination of B cell and T cell epitope predictions, followed by molecular docking methods are performed. Here, protein sequences of homologous nonstructural protein 4 of beta coronavirus are collected and conserved regions present in them are investigated via phylogenetic study to determine the most immunogenic part of a protein. From the identified region of the target protein, the peptide sequence IRNTTNPSAR from the region ranging from 38-47 and the sequence PTDTYTSVYLGKFRG from the positions of 76-90 is considered as the most potential B cell and T cell epitopes respectively. Furthermore, this predicted T cell epitopes PTDTYTSVY and PTDTYTSVYLGKFRG interacted with MHC allelic proteins HLA-A*01:01 and HLA-DRB5*01:01 respectively with the low IC50 values. These epitopes are perfectly fitted into the epitope binding grooves of alpha helix of MHC I molecule and MHC II molecule with binding energy scores -725.0 Kcal/mole and -786.0 Kcal/mole respectively, showing stability in MHC molecules binding. This MHC restricted epitope PTDTYTSVY also showed a good conservancy of 50.16% in world population coverage. This MHC I HLA-A*01:01 allele is present among 58.87% of the Chinese population also. Therefore, the epitopes IRNTTNPSAR and PTDTYTSVYLGKFRG may be considered as potential peptides for a peptide-based vaccine for coronavirus after further experimental study.

Strategies for vaccine design for corona virus using Immunoinformatics



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