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Radiology Department Preparedness for COVID-19: Radiology Scientific Expert Panel

Published time: 16 March 2020

Authors: Mahmud Mossa-Basha, Carolyn C. Meltzer, Danny C Kim, Michael J Tuite, K. Pallav Kolli, Bien Soo Tan


Radiology preparedness is a set of policies and procedures directly applicable to imaging departments designed (a) to achieve sufficient capacity for continued operation during a health care emergency of unprecedented proportions, (b) to support the care of patients with COVID-19, and (c) to maintain radiologic diagnostic and interventional support for the entirety of the hospital and health system. Because of varying infection control policies (both nationally and regionally), steps for radiology preparedness for COVID-19 will vary between institutions and clinics. The Radiology Editorial Board has assembled a team of radiologists who are active in coordination, development, and implementation of radiology preparedness policies for COVID-19. Their policies have been developed in conjunction with top infection control experts at their respective world-class healthcare systems. In the sections below, each panel member describes their department’s top priorities for COVID-19 preparedness in their environment. The Editorial Board hopes that readers may find one or more the highlighted healthcare systems to be similar to their own, providing impetus for action or confirmation of your current preparedness activities.

Radiology Department Preparedness for COVID-19 Radiology Scientific Expert Panel



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