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Iraq Produces COVID-19 Laboratory Supplies To Test Cases More Rapidly

Due to the global shortage, WHO and the COVID-19 Crisis Cell of Basrah University in southern Iraq have successfully produced urgently needed laboratory supplies to speed up testing of suspected cases.

The University manufacturing team produced more than 1620 VTM, in addition to 3200 nasal swabs.

This new production, along with the Reverse Transcriptase-PRC (RT-PCR) kits provided by WHO, has facilitated the testing of hundreds of suspected cases in southern Iraq.

The Basrah Crisis Cell has also announced 3 other COVID-19 response measures, including an online application for COVID-19 self-reporting. So far, the app has been used by 4500 applicants, of whom 130 qualified for further testing by the RT-PCR kits.

With the support of WHO and the Government of Iraq, disinfectants and sterilization material, including hand-rub gel.


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