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Combating Recent Pandemic of COVID-19 – An Urgent Solution

Published time: 25 March 2020

Authors: Indrani Roy

Keywords: COVID-19, coronavirus, temperature, humidity, solutions


This article investigates whether the weather has any role in spreading the COVID-19 and how that knowledge can be used to arrest this fast spreading disease. It highlights that Temperature and Humidity both are extremely important for transmitting the virus- temperature being the stronger factor. A dry, cool environment is the most favourable state for spread of the virus. In fact, high temperature environment significantly reduces the risk of the virus. Regulating Temperature and Humidity level can provide drastic results to stop and arrest the outbreak. Some urgent solutions are proposed based on that knowledge. The novelty of such an approach is- it can be applied overnight and implemented immediately across the globe. It is very cost effective and practically without side effects. No vast amount of funding is required to adopt these measures. These actions are likely to reduce the spread of the disease dramatically and it is expected that these measures will be implemented on an emergency basis worldwide.

Combating Recent Pandemic of COVID-19 - An Urgent Solution



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