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Considerations Relating to Social Distancing Measures in Response to COVID-19 – Second Update

Published time: 23 March 2020

Authors: Cornelia Adlhoch, Agoritsa Baka, Massimo Ciotti, Joana Gomes Dias, John Kinsman, Katrin Leitmeyer, Angeliki Melidou, Teymur Noori, Anastasia Pharris, Pasi Penttinen, Paul Riley, Andreea Salajan, Jonathan Suk, Svetla Tsolova, Marieke van der Werf, Emma Wiltshire, Andrea Würz

Keywords: Coronavirus, COVID-19, Prevention and Control, Public Health Threat


This document aims to support public health preparedness planning and response activities based upon social distancing measures aimed at minimising the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing is an action taken to minimise contact with other individuals; social distancing measures comprise one category of non-pharmaceutical countermeasures (NPCs)1 aimed at reducing disease transmission and thereby also reducing pressure on health services.

This document builds upon existing ECDC documents, including guidelines for the use of non-pharmaceutical measures to delay and mitigate the impact of 2019-nCoV, a rapid risk assessment: outbreak of novel coronavirus disease – 6th update, a technical report on the use of evidence in decision-making during public health emergencies, and a guidance document on community engagement for public health events caused by communicable disease threats in the EU/EEA.

Considerations relating to social distancing measures in response to COVID-19 – second update



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