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Infodemiological Study on COVID-19 Epidemic and COVID-19 Infodemi

Published time: 14 March 2020

Authors: Zhiwen Hua, Zhongliang Yangb, Qi Lib, An Zhangc, Yongfeng Huangb

Keywords: Infodemiology, COVID-19 infodemic, social, contagion, collective perceptual bias, collective behavioral propensities, psychological typhoon eye effect


Less aligned emphasis has been given to the COVID-19 infodemic coordinating with the COVID-19 outbreak. Global profusion of tangled monikers and hashtags has found their ways in daily communication and contributed to backlash against Chinese. Official naming efforts against infodemic should be meet with a fair share of identification. Based on brief critical reviews on previous multifarious naming practices, we punctuate heuristic introspection in scientific conventions and sociocultural paradigms. Infodemiological analysis promises to articulate that people around the globe are divided in their favor stigmatized monikers in the public and scientific communities because of perceptual bias. There is no positive correlation between the degree of infection in their territories and collective perceptual bias to COVID-19. The official portfolio “COVID-19” and “SARS-CoV-2” has not become de facto standard usages, but full-fledged official names are excepted to duly contribute to the resilience of negative perceptual bias and collective behavioral propensities.

Infodemiological Study on COVID-19 Epidemic and COVID-19 Infodemi



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