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COVID-19 Has Pervasive Effect On Mental Health: Study

Researchers call for widespread mental health monitoring, which requires new funding, better coordination

Researchers have called for an urgent need to tackle the harmful impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people’s mental health, and potentially the brain.

“The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is having a profound effect on all aspects of society, including mental health and physical health,” a paper recently published in medical journal, The Lancet Psychiatry, said.

It added that the psychological and social effects of coronavirus are “pervasive” and could affect mental health now, and in the future.

The study called for widespread mental health monitoring, which, it said, requires new funding and better coordination.

COVID-19 and mental health symptoms, it claimed, could be observed through smartphones.

Highlighting that the digital response was crucial for people affected by the virus, the study revealed that social isolation could increase anxiety, depression, stress, and other negative feelings.

It advised people to see and remain in touch with their family, and get sufficient sleep to mitigate mental health difficulties under stressful circumstances.

The virus that first appeared in China late last year has killed over 138,000 people in 185 countries, according to Johns Hopkins University tally.

Worldwide infections stand at more than two million, with 525,000-plus recoveries.


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