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What Challenges Are Entrepreneurs Faced With During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

The Business Planet team is here to help you understand the challenges which entrepreneurs are facing with the coronavirus pandemic.

This week, we introduce you to a brand new European funding model for entrepreneurs, particularly useful in the context of COVID-19.

The aim is for them to be able to invest, innovate, expand, and respond to new needs.

ESCALAR has been set up by the European Commission and the European Investment Fund. We have an overview with an economist and an entrepreneur who are particularly interested in this opportunity.

  • ESCALAR IS a new investment approach, developed BY THE European Commission with the European Investment Fund (EIF),
  • ESCALAR will support venture capital and growth financing for promising companies, enabling them to scale up in Europe
  • ESCALAR will provide up to €300 million aiming to increase the investment capacity of venture capital and private equity funds, triggering investments of up to €1.2 billion, to support promising companies.


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