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New Measures for COVID-19 Response: A Lesson from the Wenzhou Experience

Published time: 03 April 2020

Authors: Linhui Ruan,  Min Wen,  Qingrun Zeng,  Chengshui Chen,  Shengwei Huang, Su Yang,  Jianjing Yang,  Jingqiang Wang,  Yuhuan Hu,  Saidan Ding,  Ying Zhang, Hongxia Zhang,  Yuanjing Feng,  Kunlin Jin,  Qichuan ZhuGe

Keywords: COVID19, measures, treatment, outbreak, epidemic


As the outbreak of COVID-19 has spread globally, determining how to prevent the spread is of paramount importance. We reported the effectiveness of different responses of four affected cities in preventing the COVID-19 spread. We expect Wenzhou anti-COVID-19 measures may provide experience for cities around the world that are experiencing this epidemic.

New measures for COVID-19 response; a lesson from the Wenzhou experience



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