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Correlation between Weather and Covid-19 Pandemic in Jakarta, Indonesia

Published time: 04 April 2020

Authors: RamadhanT osepu, Joko Gunawan, Devi Savitri Effendy, La Ode Ali Imran Ahmad, Hariati Lestari, Hartati Bahar, Pitrah Asfian

Keywords: Covid-19, Coronavirus, Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Indonesia


This  study  aims  to  analyze  the  correlation  between  weather  and covid-19 pandemic in Jakarta Indonesia. This study employed a secondary data analysis of surveillance data of covid-19 from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and weather from the Meteorological  Department  of  the  Republic  of  Indonesia. The  components  of  weather include minimum temperature  (0C),  maximum temperature  (0C), temperature  average (0C), humidity  (%),  and  amount  of rainfall  (mm). Spearman-rank  correlation  test was used for data analysis. Among the components of the weather, only temperature average (0C) was  significantly  correlated  with  covid-19  pandemic  (r= .392; p<.01). The  finding serves as an input to reduce the incidence rate of covid-19 in Indonesia.

Correlation between weather and Covid-19 pandemic in Jakarta, Indonesia



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