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Denmark COVID-19 Snapshot MOnitoring (COSMO Denmark): Monitoring Knowledge, Risk Perceptions, Preventive Behaviours, and Public Trust in the Current Coronavirus Outbreak in Denmark

Published time: 25 March 2020

Authors: Robert Böhm, Lau Lilleholt, Ingo Zettler, COSMO Denmark group

Keywords: Covid-19, Case Study, Denmanrk, Public Trust


This study protocol is based on a standard protocol published by the World Health Organization/Regional Office for Europe, aimed at providing a general guidance on how to assess citizens’ knowledge, perceptions, and behaviour related to the COVID-19 outbreak. As the aims, objectives, and research questions are similar across countries, we refer the reader to the standard protocol regarding these issues. Herein, we will only describe aspects specific to the Danish protocol.

Denmark COVID-19 Snapshot MOnitoring (COSMO Denmark) Monitoring



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