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Get Up-to-date National and Regional Charts for the Covid-19 Emergency Using Python Notebooks

Published time: 11 April 2020

Authors: Tufarini Emanuele

Keywords: Covid-19, Static, Python


This study is intended to help in drawing the charts, constantly updated, based on data (confirmed cases and deaths) concerning the COVID-19 emergency. These programs can be used to get an overview of the trend of the curves.

The methods shown allow access to the data contained in Google BigQuery, a Google cloud data warehouse that allows you to store and retrieve data using an SQL environment. Google has recently made available to everyone a series of data concerning the COVID-19, through the COVID-19 Public Dataset Program, a freely accessible archive. This data source can be accessed through pre-existing libraries, developed for python, one of them is COVID19Py, it allows access to updated data on coronavirus cases (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2) in a simple and fast way. Through this library you can get updated data on deaths and confirmed COVID-19 cases for several countries (including Italy).

In this study, python programs have been created that perform the listed operations for the individual regions (create charts of COVID-19 confirmed cases), analyzing data contained in an Excel file, these files are easy to create, update and share. The charts can be viewed using the matplotlib library, useful for creating static, animated and interactive views in python. Similar programs can also be used in other areas than COVID-19.

Get up-to-date national and regional charts for the covid-19 emergency using python notebooks



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