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Open Call OC5 – Additive Manufacturing and Logistics

An additively manufactured product runs through many stages before it becomes alive. Once the product’s design and construction is finished, logistics comes into play. At first, material for printing has to be supplied and brought into the machine. Then, the print file and print parameters need to be loaded into the machine to start the printing process. Once this has finished, the part needs to be taken from the machine and transferred to the next process step. This can be a heat treatment, grinding, milling or polishing, all with quality assurance steps in between.

Now, this is easy to read and to follow. However, challenges arise in flexible handling of parts as they all differ from each other. The provision of data for the next process step needs to be aware of the technical system that is next. So, each process chain is individual for its product. But it always contains rules, boundary conditions, digital data, machines or instruments and the physical part.

This call addresses the link between additive manufacturing and logistics. It aims to demonstrate how complex additive manufacturing production chains can be realised. On physical logistics, it encourages the use of inter-factory automatically guided vehicles  (AGV) in combination with robots. On digital logistics, it enforces fully transparent digital data transfer parallel to the physical part.

According to the available budget, it is envisioned to fund one or two projects that address this link appropriately. Support on logistics is being provided by the L4MS project.

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