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Reflections on Leadership in the Time of COVID-19

Published time: 01 April 2020

Authors: James K Stoller

Keywords: Covid-19, pandemic, epidemiology



The COVID-19 pandemic, even as we are in its early phase, invites reflection on best leadership practices. As hospitals and providers pivot to respond, the pandemic spotlights leadership in healthcare. What is working as we all collectively combat this global viral scourge? The impetus to analyse leadership practices especially now comes from the adage that ‘a crisis is a terrible thing to waste’.1 The danger of COVID-19 is self-evident and is already all too apparent around the world. At this writing today (1 April 2020), 873008 individuals have been infected worldwide and 43275 have died.2 In addition to the scientific opportunities to better understand the virus, its epidemiology, and strategies to prevent and cure COVID-19 disease, there is a clear opportunity to reflect on how to lead in healthcare through a crisis, to catalogue best practices, and to cascade these leadership practices broadly.

Reflections on leadership in the time of COVID-19



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