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A Systematic Approach is Needed to Contain COVID-19 Globally

Published time: 12 March 2020

Authors: Zhao Wenwu, Zhang Junze, Meadows Michael, Liu Yanxu, Hua Ting, Fu Bojie

Keywords: COVID-19, coordination, classification, collaboration, global actions, China


The novel coronavirus disease, named COVID-19, emerged in China in December 2019, and has rapidly spread around the world. It is clearly urgent to fight COVID-19 at global scale. China’s COVID-19 strategy has been effective in containing the rapid spread of COVID-19, protected hundreds of thousands of people in China, and offers useful lessons for the rest of the world. In this comment, firstly we provide general information on the evolution of COVID-19 in China and its global spread. We then summarize China’s systematic approaches to fighting COVID-19, and highlight the importance of coordination, classification, and collaboration in coronavirus disease prevention. Lastly, we recommend that there is an urgent need for the world to take systematic actions. The interrelated actions should include: global institutional coordination, spatially specific risk classification, and transnational collaboration towards containing the further wide spread of coronavirus disease.

A systematic approach is needed to contain COVID-19 globally



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