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The COVID-19 Pandemic and Ethics through Gender Lens in Mexico

Published time: 08 April 2020

Authors: Capdevielle, Paulina, Manrique de Lara, Amaranta; Medina Arellano, María de Jesús

Keywords: Covid-19, Ethics, Gender, Social-distancing, Isolation, Social determinants, Inequalities Women


This year’s International Women’s Day was a historic occurrence in Mexico. Tens of thousands of women took to the streets on the eighth and then chose to vanish on the ninth. Each day in its own way, the so-called 8M and 9M were meant to raise awareness about femicides, and the foundation of structural violence against women on which they stand. Women all across the country sought to generate a widespread debate at different levels in society, and called for active commitment from key stakeholders and decision-makers. But while they marched through the streets in Mexico, the rest of the world was beginning to become paralyzed by a virus which has claimed over 60,000 lives, confining individuals and families to their homes, and overwhelming already fragile health systems. And in this unprecedented situation, girls and women find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place of two public health crises – the pandemic and gender-based violence – in a country where misogyny seems part of our cultural heritage.

The COVID-19 pandemic and ethics through gender lens in Mexico



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