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Value Capitalism: How to Manage the Consequences of the Corona Crisis and How to Build a Crisis-proof World Order

Published time: 07 April 2020

Authors: Andreas Herteux

Keywords: Value Capitalism ,Wertekapitalismus, Corona, Covid-19, Crisis Alternative Hegemony Model, Alternative Hegemonie Modell, AH Model AH-Modell Capitalism, Critic Kapitalismus Herteux


  • The corona pandemic will lead to considerable economic cuts and further destabilise systems and orders.
  • Covid-19 is merely a dynamization factor in a period of global change
  • Existing systems and regulations will therefore continue to be challenged.
  • The consequences of the change of times could be mitigated by value capitalism.
  • With the help of the value market economy, the world can be made more crisis-resistant, more stable and also fairer.

Value Capitalism How to manage the consequences of the Corona crisis and how to build a crisis-proof world order



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