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Virus Graph and COVID-19 Pandemic: A Graph Theory Approach

Published time: 29 April 2020

Authors:H. R. Bhapkar, Parikshit Mahalle, Prashant S. Dhotre

Keywords: models, pandemic, extremely, Graph Theory Approach, COVID-19, Virus graph


Graph theory plays significant role in every field of science as well as technology. Every situation can be articulated in terms of suitable graphs by using various approaches of graph theory. Considering the recent pandemic in the world and the precautions taken for prevention of the COVID 19, it is the most appropriate way to exercise the graph models with theoretical as well as practical aspects to control this epidemic. This paper defines the variable set, variable graphs and their types with respect to variable vertex sets and variable edge sets. Depending upon the nature of the pandemic, there are four types of Virus graphs. Virus graph I and III are not so perilous for all living beings. Although, Virus graphs II and IV are extremely hazardous for the harmony of the world. In view of different aspects for expand of pandemic, growth types of virus graphs are divided in 1-1, 1-P and 1-all growth types. The COVID19 initially was in Virus graph-I type, but presently it is in Virus graph-II types. We present the table involving the number of infected people after n days with respect to different values of P and growth rates with I0 = 100. Moreover, the country wise starting dates of stages of the virus graph-I and II are specified. The concept of cut sets is applicable for prevention of COVID19 and the whole world is using the same analogy.

Virus Graph and COVID-19 Pandemic


Reference: doi:10.20944/preprints202004.0507.v1

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