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Convalescent Plasma Therapy for Covid-19: State of the Art

Published time: 28 April 2020

Authors: Daniele Focosi, Julian W Tang, Arthur Anderson, Marco Tuccori

Keywords: convalescent plasma; serology; pathogen reduction technologies; pathogen inactivation; COVID19; SARS-CoV2

Abstract : Convalescent blood product therapy has been introduced since early 1900s to treat emerging infectious disease based on the evidence that polyclonal neutralizing antibodies can reduce duration of viremia. Recent large outbreaks of viral diseases for whom effective antivirals or vaccines are still lacking has revamped the interest in convalescent plasma as life-saving treatments. This review summarizes historical settings of application, and surveys current technologies for collection, manufacturing, pathogen inactivation, and banking, with a focus on COVID-19.

Convalescent Plasma Therapy for Covid-19 State of the Art



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