Project Call

Urgent Grants 2020 To Secure Access To Data Or Research Materials

Date of Decision: Continuously

Due to high interest in the call, the time for assessment of applications will be prolonged during summer.

In view of Covid-19 and the current situation in Sweden and the world, Formas’ Research Council has decided to open its urgent call immediately. Within our areas of responsibility, Formas wants to provide the opportunity to collect data and research materials of an urgent nature to ensure the future availability of research.

Formas funds research in the fields of environment, agricultural sciences and spatial planning. In this urgent call, we welcome applications within all Formas’ areas of responsibility that demonstrate an urgent need to secure future access to data (measurement data, collection of samples, etc.) or other research materials (interviews, participating observations, etc.). The urgent need to secure the access to data and research materials must be based on a circumstance or situation that requires prompt attention or has not been foreseen and that will likely not be repeated.

We welcome applications from all scientific disciplines: the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and technology, as well as for interdisciplinary approaches.

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