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Sharpening the Global Focus on Ethnicity and Race in the Time of COVID-19

Published time: 08 May 2020

Authors: Neeraj Bhala, Gwenetta Curry, Adrian R Martineau, Charles Agyemang, Raj Bhopale

Keywords: Covid-19, pharmacological, hydroxyvitamin D, ethnic, racial,


Tackling injustices, including those that result from prejudice and racism globally, is essential in the response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Here, we focus on UK South Asian and Black and AfricanAmerican populations, using internationally recognised terminology and definitions,1 and consider the UK and the USA as globally relevant examples. We recognise other minorities also need consideration in the COVID-19 response, and we hope our principles apply broadly. Given their settled status either after migration or by birth in the country, ethnic/racial minority populations should experience health-care outcomes equal to those of others. Sadly, this seems untrue.

Sharpening the global focus on ethnicity and race in the time of COVID-19



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