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Cancer Management in India during Covid-19

Published time: 28 April 2020

Authors: C.S. Pramesh, M.S., Rajendra A. Badwe, M.S.

Keywords: Covid-19, cancer, health care, India


The Covid-19 pandemic has created major dilemmas for providers in all areas of health care delivery, including cancer centers. The rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2, combined with an unprecedented, near-complete global lockdown, has laid bare the weaknesses in health systems. Lack of adequate health care infrastructure and human resources, serious supply-chain disruptions, and widespread fear among patients and health care workers have resulted in patient care and safety being compromised. Throughout the world, health systems have had to scramble together rapidly changing responses while relying on inadequate information and on models of disease spread that are based on multiple assumptions. The resulting rationing of care has left patients and physicians feeling frustrated and burned out. Several cancer centers drastically scaled back their services after preliminary reports from China showed that Covid-19 outcomes are significantly worse among patients with cancer.

Cancer Management in India during Covid-19



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