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Connecting Data, Tools and People across Europe: ELIXIR’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published time: 15 May 2020

Authors: Niklas Blomberg & Katharina B. Lauer

Keywords: Covid-19, pandemic, data spaces, research, national health care.


ELIXIR, the European research infrastructure for life science data, provides open access to data, tools and workflows in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ELIXIR’s 23 nodes have reacted swiftly to support researchers in their combined efforts against the pandemic setting out three joint priorities: 1. Connecting national COVID-19 data platforms to create federated European COVID-19 Data Spaces; 2. Fostering good data management to make COVID-19 data open, FAIR and reusable over the long term; 3. Providing open tools, workflows and computational resources to drive reproducible and collaborative science. ELIXIR’s strategy is based on the support given by our national nodes – collectively spanning over 200 institutes – to research projects and on partnering with community initiatives to drive development and adoption of good data practice and community driven standards. ELIXIR Nodes provide support activities locally and internationally, from provisioning compute capabilities to helping collect viral sequence data from hospitals. Some Nodes have prioritised access to their national cloud and compute facilities for all COVID-19 research projects, while others have developed tools to search, access and share all data related to the pandemic in a national healthcare setting.

Connecting data, tools and people across Europe ELIXIR’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic



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