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Chemical Engineering and Environmental Challenges: Cyclic Adsorption/Reaction Technologies: Materials and Process Together!

Published time: 11 April 2020

Authors: Alírio E.Rodrigues

Keywords: Adsorption processes, Environmental challenges, Adsorbent metrics, Adsorption models, Carbon capture and utilization, Lignin valorization


I start with a brief survey of paradigms in Chemical Engineering to highlight that in the early 70 s my thesis advisor P. Le Goff already mentioned the strong link of chemical processes with Environment, Energy and Economy (Market). Then I move to my vision of ChE today summarized in ChE = M2P2E (Molecular, Materials, Process and Product Engineering). I describe how I built a research lab centered around Cyclic Adsorption/Reaction Processes focusing in adsorption technologies to help solving environmental problems. I stress the basic concepts of adsorption processes and the need to use proper diffusion models for intraparticle mass transfer instead of pseudo first order or second order kinetic models. I also consider that adsorbent metrics should be linked to the process where the material is used: materials and processes together!

Chemical engineering and environmental challenges, Cyclic adsorption_reaction technologies; Materials and process together



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