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Effect of Throat Washings on Detection of 2019 Novel Coronavirus

Published time: 09 April 2020

Authors: Wen-Liang Guo,  Qian Jiang,  Feng Ye,  Shao-Qiang Li,  Cheng Hong,  Li-Yan Chen, Shi-Yue Li

Keywords: Throat washings, Oropharyngeal Washings, 2019 novel coronavirus, diagnostics, COVID-19


The 2019 novel coronavirus was detected in the self-collected throat washings. Positive testing rate of throat washing was much higher than that of Nasopharyngeal swabs. Throat washing is a promising candidate for 2019-nCoV screening and monitoring due to its noninvasive and reliability.

Effect of throat washings on detection of 2019 novel coronavirus



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