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Breastmilk and COVID-19

Published time: 23 March 2020

Authors: Gülbin Gökçay, Gonca Keskindemirci

Keywords: COVID-19, breastfeeding, human milk


After the New Corona Virus epidemic emerged in China at the beginning of December 2019, authorities announced the appearance of cases in our country in March 2020. This epidemic reminds us of the importance of preventive healthcare. Breastfeeding is very important for child health. The anti-infective and immunomodulatory properties of breast milk play an important role in protection against infections. Passive immunity is provided especially by the high secretory IgA concentration and other antipathogen factors in breastmilk. During emergency situations, protection and promotion of breastfeeding is very important. The COVID-19 pandemic is also an emergency situation, and it is recommended that mothers should continue breastfeeding or giving expressed milk by wearing a mask, and taking necessary hygiene measurements during this epidemic.

beastmilk and covid-19



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