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Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Social Life and Ethical Plane : An Evaluation Study

Published time: 17 April 2020

Authors: Çağatay Üstün, Seçil Özçiftçi

Keywords: COVID-19, pandemics, social life, ethics, suggestions


COVID-19 has become a widespread pandemic across the world and continues to threaten life seriously. The disease emerged in December 2019, an unexpected time in fact, in Wuhan city in the Hubei province of China. The existing information on the disease is changing every day and the existing panic and anxiety arising from the fast spread of the disease and constantly increasing number of deaths have turned into a kind of fear. The articles on COVID-19 that are mostly based on scientific data, which have been included in the literature within the last 4 months during which we wrote our article, have helped provide correct information on the disease. Therefore, care was taken in preparing the present article to ensure that it serves the same purpose. Taking into consideration the clinical prognosis of the disease that follows a different course, the age groups being affected and the way it spreads, it can be estimated that the issue will not remain limited to its medical dimension but may have some negative socio-cultural, ethical and moral, legal, educational, tourism-related, economical, agricultural, and public health impacts. With this starting point, this article includes a content that examines and evaluates the adversities of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting social life and ethical plane, based on the news sources on the Internet with a high rate of correctness and scientific literature. We believe that this type of article summarizing the status of the disease at its first wave of impact will help perceive the medical and social problems caused by COVID-19 and will serve as a source for further studies.

COVID-19 Pandemisinin Sosyal Yaşam ve Etik



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