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Covid-19 and Management in Emergency Service

Published time: 30 April 2020

Authors: Yusuf YURUMEZ, Mehmet ALAÇAM

Keywords: Covid-19, emergency service, infection


One of the most important features of Covid 19 is that it can be transmitted from person to person, and the contamination can be achieved by the airbone droplets in close range infected persons. For this reason, emergency services are the most risky areas. Covid-19 patients can apply to emergency service by using an ambulance or outpatient. For outpatient applications, a triage area must be organized at the enterance or outside the emergency service and the examination room should be located in a different area then the other departments of emercengy service. Patients brought by ambulance requiring resuscitation should be taken to the resuscitation area, patients not requiring resuscitation should be taken to the examination room and evaluated. The discharge or hospitalization decisions of these patients should be considered by their clinical situations and the patients that needs intensive care must be hospitalizated quickly without waiting.

Acil Serviste Covid-19 ve Yönetimi



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