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States Are Leveraging Medicaid to Respond to COVID-19

Published time: 07 May 2020

Authors: Jessica Schubel

Keywords: care, helping,coronavirus, medicaid, Covid-19


Many state Medicaid programs are proposing or implementing new policies to respond to COVID-19 and maintain access to health care during the public health crisis. States are strengthening their home- and community-based services (HCBS) programs, improving access to coverage and care, helping people access care while social distancing, and ensuring financial stability for providers so they can keep their doors open and serve their communities. More states should consider implementing these policies, especially as more people lose their jobs or incomes and need Medicaid coverage. Congress should support states in making these changes by further increasing Medicaid’s federal match rate to defray the cost of these policies, as well as to prevent states from reducing access to care

States Are Leveraging Medicaid to Respond to COVID-19



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