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Healthcare Simulation to Prepare for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published time: 20 May 2020

Authors: M. H. Andreae, A. Dudak, V. Cherian, P. Dhar, P.G.Dalal, W. Po, M. Pilipovic, B. Shah, W. Hazard, Rodgers, Sinz EH

Keywords: COVID-19, Simulation, Adult critical care, Perioperative care, Acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus, Personal protective equipment, Crisis resource managment, System integration


During previous outbreaks of contagious airborne disease, in situ simulation was successfully used to train staff, improve competency with personal protective equipment (PPE), and test protocols. Concurrent with our work, others leveraged simulation in the setting of COVID-19. [[2], [3], [4]] Our report is targeted at other simulation professionals, especially in anesthesia. We hypothesized that in the absence of clinical experience, immersive simulation of anticipated scenarios can improve protocols developed in round table discussions.

Healthcare simulation to prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic



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