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In Silico Study of Airway/Lung Mechanics in Normal Human Breathing

Published time: 20 May 2020

Authors: SilviaMarconi, ClaudioDe Lazzari

Keywords: COVID-19, Airway/lung mechanics, Normal human breathing, Nonlinear 0-D model, Numerical simulation, Pleural pressure


The airway/lung mechanics is usually represented with nonlinear 0-D models based on a pneumatic-electrical analogy. The aim of this work is to provide a detailed description of the human respiratory mechanics in healthy and diseased conditions. The model used for this purpose employs some known constitutive functions of the main components of the respiratory system. We give a detailed mathematical description of these functions and subsequently derive additional key ones. We are interested not only in the main output such as airflow at the mouth or alveolar pressure and volume, but also in other quantities such as resistance and pressure drop across each element of the system and even recoil and compliance of the chest wall.

In silico study of airway_lung mechanics in normal human breathing



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