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Individual Quarantine versus Active Monitoring of Contacts for the Mitigation of COVID-19: A Modelling Study

Published time: 20 May 2020

Authors: Corey M Peak, Rebecca Kahn, Yonatan H Grad, Lauren M Childs, Ruoran Li, Marc Lipsitch, Caroline O Buckee

Keywords: Covid-19, Global Health, Public Health


Voluntary individual quarantine and voluntary active monitoring of contacts are core disease control strategies for emerging infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Given the impact of quarantine on resources and individual liberty, it is vital to assess under what conditions individual quarantine can more effectively control COVID-19 than active monitoring. As an epidemic grows, it is also important to consider when these interventions are no longer feasible and broader mitigation measures must be implemented.

Individual quarantine versus active monitoring of contacts for the mitigation of COVID-19



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