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Incorporating Social Opinion in the Evolution of an Epidemic Spread

Published time: 09 July 2020

Authors: Alejandro Carballosa, Mariamo Mussa-Juane and Alberto P. Muñuzuri

Keywords: Spain, evolution, propagation, epidemic, attempts, COVID19


Attempts to control the epidemic spread of COVID19 in the different countries often involve imposing restrictions to the mobility of citizens. Recent examples demonstrate that the effectiveness of these policies strongly depends on the willingness of the population to adhere them. And this is a parameter that it is difficult to measure and control. We demonstrate in this manuscript a systematic way to check the mood of a society and a way to incorporate it into dynamical models of epidemic propagation. We exemplify the process considering the case of Spain although the results and methodology can be directly extrapolated to other countries.

Incorporating social opinion in the evolution of an epidemic spread



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