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Healthcare Worker May Lose Hands Due To COVID-19 Complication

A US healthcare worker, who has been hospitalised since early March after testing positive for COVID-19, is now facing the possibility of having her hands amputated.

Rosa Felipe is being treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami – the same hospital she worked in for more than 15 years as an electroencephalograph or EEG technician, testing brain activity in patients.

Her work meant she would travel across the hospital and saw “a lot of patients” in the months before her diagnosis, she told CNN reporter Randi Kaye.

The 41-year-old mother-of-two has two underlying health conditions that put her at even greater risk – both diabetes and asthma.

While she spent two months on a ventilator, that saved her life, she may have developed blood clots.

Her hands were starved of circulation and oxygenation, and her fingers turned black

Rosa’s hands may have to be amputated, but she says, at the very least she will lose most of her fingers.

‘That’s what keeps me focused’

Before going on the ventilator, Rosa asked the doctor for a piece of paper to say goodbye to her children.

“I wrote on the paper to my children that I wanted them not to give up, and not to be upset with God,” she said.

“Because if something were to happen to me, this was his will and I didn’t want them to be upset with God, I wanted them to be loving and happy that God allowed us to have the time that we did have.”

She has now spent many months alone in her hospital room, separated from her two children, and she says they are the reason she keeps fighting.

“For me, it can’t be soon enough, for me,” she said when asked when she would see them.

“I know that in the end, I’m going to be with them… I know that.

“So that’s what keeps me focused, and it keeps me wanting to heal and wanting to get out of here fully restored.”


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