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COVID-19 Deaths Show No Sign Of Decline | Data Deep Dive

Mortality rates are in the single digits but COVID-19 death tolls continue to rise.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — In Indiana, about 3% of those with the virus have passed away and in Kentucky, about 2% did not survive.

True mortality rates can’t be determined until there are no new cases because people are still battling the virus. Most will survive but sadly the death toll will also rise.

The FOCUS team has some graphs to review the death since the start in March.

First, let’s take a look at Indiana.

It’s been one month since the mask mandate which is marked by the blue bar. The orange bars rise to show the number of Hoosiers that reportedly died each day.

Follow that dotted trend line to the far right and you’ll notice the 14-day average daily deaths have mostly leveled out.

In mid-August, there was a slight increase but you can see in the past week the lower death tolls are keeping that trend line straight and steady.

Turning to Kentucky, the data tells a different story.

Sadly, Kentucky’s death toll continues to rise.

It’s been about a month and a half since the mask mandate which is marked in blue.

Last week there were four days in a row where reported deaths reached double digits. That drove the trend line up at the far right.

The increase in deaths could be a reflection of the rise in cases we saw in July. That is because COVID-19 patients can battle the illness for weeks or even months, making death trends the last to be impacted.


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