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Commentary: Myths and Facts on Vitamin D Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published time: 26 May 2020

Authors: M.Chakhtoura, N.Napoli, G.El Hajj Fuleihan


COVID-SARS-2 pandemic has struck and spread at light speed, reaching 6 continents within 3 months, transforming our societies globally [1]. In <6 months, numbers rose exponentially to 5,159,674 cases and 335,4186 fatalities (6.5%); a third roughly are in the US (May 22, 2020) [2]. Disease severity and mortality rates are higher in the elderly, African Americans, patients with diabetes mellitus, chronic lung and cardiovascular diseases [3,4], all groups with low vitamin D levels. Should we supplement patients with vitamin D? We examine the biological plausibility and evidence for a role of vitamin D in COVID-19 patients, and provide a framework for guidance on supplementation, based on a rigorous and systematic approach. We interrogated the Systematic Reviews database Epistemonikos, and four medical databases including Cochrane.

Commentary Myths and facts on vitamin D amidst the COVID-19 pandemic



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