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Netherlands Takes Additional Measures To Curb Omicron Variant

10-day quarantine for UK travelers a must, besides negative PCR testing for immunized people from EU, Schengen countries

The Dutch government announced additional measures on Monday, including a 10-day mandatory quarantine for passengers traveling from the UK, as well as certain other restrictions for EU and Schengen countries’ people to prevent the spread of the COVID-19’s omicron strain.

Passengers arriving from very-high-risk countries, including the UK, will have to complete the 10-day mandatory quarantine period, which will be effective from Wednesday through Jan. 14, said an official statement.

The new restrictions will remain effective during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Even if they have a vaccine passport, passengers from the listed countries will be placed in isolation. If they test negative after the fifth day of the quarantine, isolation will terminate before the total of 10 days has elapsed, the statement said.

Earlier on Saturday, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said all schools will remain closed until Jan. 9. There will be no events allowed until the lockdown is lifted.

Places, where basic needs are provided, will be open between 05.00 a.m. and 08.00 p.m., while football games continue to be played without fans. Four guests per household will be allowed on Christmas and New Year holidays. Restaurants will be able to serve takeaways.

According to Monday’s announcement, people above the age of 12 who fly to the country from outside the EU and Schengen must provide a negative COVID-19 test result.

Passengers with vaccination passports must also submit a negative PCR test result 48 hours prior to the flight or a negative antigen test result 24 hours before the flight in order to enter the country from outside the Schengen member countries.

It was also noted that the travel restriction that has been applied by the Dutch government due to the omicron variant to the South African Republic, Botswana, Eswatini, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe remains in effect.


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