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Omicron Surge: Should We Shorten Self-isolation Time?

Omicron’s arrival has once again changed the course of the pandemic. The increased transmissibility of the COVID-19 variant means record numbers of people are being infected across the globe, and with each infection comes a period of isolation for every individual and their close contacts.

Most countries have ended their furlough schemes, so despite staff members being off with COVID-19 they have had to remain open, often short staffed. Even worse, healthcare and other front-line workers are having to take time off, potentially resulting in delays to lifesaving treatments for their patients.

The push for an uptake in boosters against the new variant has been met with less enthusiasm than in the past, with people suffering from vaccine fatigue and wondering whether there will be an end to the constant jabs. But boosters do help protect against serious illness, even if not necessarily against catching the virus.


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