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Shanghai Extends Covid-19 Lockdown As Omicron Cases Soar

Shanghai’s lockdown was due to end in four days but it has since been extended due to the speed of Omicron spread in China’s economic capital. FRANCE 24 reports.

Shanghai has, since the start of the pandemic, been spared a general lockdown. However, with the daily number of cases reaching record levels, the Chinese government has imposed a general quarantine on the city.

FRANCE 24’s correspondent Lou Kisiela is one of those under lockdown together with the 26 million other residents of the city.

She said that no rubbish had been collected in her building for several days, and that it was hard to order food online as most supermarkets were closed.

Fears over food shortages and living conditions have escalated as the crisis looks set to continue without any end in sight. Public fights over food among the city’s residents have been video documented as well.


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