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Türkiye Produces 3 Mln COVID Vaccine Doses Per Month, Says Expert

Türkiye has reached a monthly capacity of 3 million in the production of Turkovac, Türkiye’s domestically developed COVID-19 vaccine rolled out in December 2021, says Aykut Özdarendeli, a professor who led the production of the vaccine.

“This figure will go much higher as it is a huge weapon of ours,” Özdarendeli said, speaking at the symposium on “future pandemics” in the capital Ankara.

“There is still work being done. A very serious accumulation of knowledge has been gained both in the field of trained people and in vaccine science,” he added.

Türkiye will produce vaccines on many different platforms with the experience it has gained in the pandemic, and it will be more ready for the next pandemics, according to the expert.

Underlining that there have been positive returns from the world for Turkovac, Özdarendeli urged citizens, especially those in risk groups, to get vaccinated as “the pandemic is not over yet.”

Though the diversity in vaccines has increased around the globe, the vaccination rates are still very low in some African countries, he noted, adding that the vaccine aid to Africa initiated by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will continue.


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