Covid-19 Innovations

How to get your organization going again? Be inspired by the innovations related to COVID from around the world. If you took an innovative step in this process, share it with us. Inspire other organizations.

sanal gerçeklik videosu

Virtual Reality Video Demonstrating Treatment for COVID Patients

The digital design specialist made this video in order to prepare medical staff in remote locations to respond to a possible spike in cases. Virtual reality is an immersive technology that benefits medical personnel by generating a 3D, interactive environment in settings that are often hard to simulate with 2D graphics. Through surgery on a mannequin, the video depicts a doctor treating a COVID patient suffering from respiratory failure.

dezenfektan robotu

These Refugees Have Built a Lego Robot

A team of robotics-trained refugees has designed a Lego robot which dispenses hand sanitizer without being touched. The invention – to help refugees combat the coronavirus – has now been replicated elsewhere. The refugees are from the Za’atari camp in Jordan, one of the world’s largest settlements for displaced Syrians.

Ps: The UN Refugee Agency says the world’s 71 million refugees and forcibly displaced people are among the most vulnerable to coronavirus.

temassız asansör paneli

Indian Company Techmax Solution Designs Touchless Elevator Panels

Thanks to this panel, called “Sparshless”, no one needs to touch elevator buttons anymore. According to the company, it can work with all existing lifts, no modification is required. Instead of disinfecting the lift everyday, this innovation could easily help stop the spread of the virus in appartments, hotels, malls, hospitals, offices and more places.

kendini temizleyen maske

Self-Cleaning Mask

Researchers invented a mask with a USB port that connects to a mobile phone charger to self-clean from the heat of the device. The power source can heat an inner layer of carbon fibres to 70°C. The desinfection process takes about 30 minutes. The researches hope the invention can alleviate the mask shortage during the COVID and in post-COVID times.

Üst düzey güvenlikli maske

All-in-one Mask for More Safety

The prototype, called AARMR, is made for frontline health workers, office-goers, delivery executives and travellers. The company claims that AARMR is more efficient than normal masks, due to its unique design that covers the entire face so there is no risk of touching your eyes, nose or mouth and the fact that it is reusable and durable. It also provides clear vision to the wearer because of the low refractive index of acrylic.

şeffaf maske

First Transparent FDA Registered N99+ Smart Mask

The mask, called LEAF, is a transparent face mask that enables being safe while allowing others to see your identity and read your lips or facial expressions. It is the first FDA-registered mask to have N99-standard air filtering abilities as well as a self-purifying feature, thanks to a built-in UV-C light. The LEAF mask comes in 4 different sizes.

elektrikli otobüs

UK Startup Arrival Launches Electric Buses that Help Maintain Social Distancing

The buses have exterior displays that could be used to tell riders stepping up to the van which side to board on. Maximum passenger capacity is rated at 125 people, but things can be configured to ensure social distancing practices are adhered to. Plexiglass screens separate riders and passengers use no-touch bells, or their smartphone, to request a stop, so they won't have to get their hands “dirty”.

şeffaf maske

Transparent Mask for the Hearing Impaired

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) creates transparent, bio-based, and degradable surgical mask. As masks covering half of our facial expressions are challenging for the deaf community and can be dehumanizing, the EPFL partnered with Swiss Materials Lab EMPA to create a transparent, bio-based, and degradable surgical mask. Their new startup, called HMCARE, secured $1 million in seed funding, and the masks will be brought to market in early 2021.

Anti-Epidemic Robots

These robots will be used to control temperature changes in Rwanda, monitor the condition of Covid-19 patients, and keep medical records of patients. These high-tech robots are capable of scanning 50 to 150 people per minute, delivering food and medicine to patient rooms, storing data, and notifying officers on duty.

Face Shields from Plastic Bottles

A recycling facility "Zaidi Recyclers" in Dar es salaam, the capital of Tanzania, produces face shields from waste plastic bottles to the coronavirus.

The Self-Timing Soap

A world-famous soap brand produced a soap that dissolves away after exactly 30 seconds of vigorous use. In this way, you can ensure your hand hygiene without forgetting how long you should wash your hands.

sosyal mesafe denetleme robotu

Robot Reminds Visitors of Safe Distancing Measures in Singapore

A four-legged ia patrolling in parks to remind people of safe distancing measures. Called Spot, the robot assists with safe distancing efforts at parks, gardens and nature reserves managed by National Parks Board (NParks) and at parks managed by town councils.

sosyal mesafe kolyesi

Social Distancing Necklace

The necklace, called sChoker, crafted from carbon fiber, integrates thermal sensors that identify the infrared radiations emanating from the temperature of those passing by. It will then let the wearer know if they are at a safe or dangerous distance using either a visual or audio signal – perhaps also with the added benefit of ensuring everyone stays away.

Multipurpose Toaster

This new type of toaster designed by Lee Sungwook makes disinfecting phones a little easier and more playful. The toaster also charges the phone while disinfecting it during the time it is being ‘toasted’. While the concept is still being developed, it uses UV light to disinfect.

COVID Information for People without the Internet

Colombian designers living in Japan try to bring COVID information to people who can't access the Internet. Their solution is to put information about COVID on the labels of common consumer goods like cola and rice. By printing DIY mask instructions and hygiene recommendations on the packaging of these products, these designers have found a way to get information to the most vulnerable.

Portable Hand Washing Technology

Purdue University-affiliated startup invents portable bedside hand-washing technology. Angie Washburn, a respiratory therapist and entrepreneur, founded Project Process and created a portable bedside sink, enabling patients to wash their hands using soap and water without leaving their hospital or medical beds. Hancock Regional Hospital in Greenfield, Indiana, is serving as a testing site for the bedside sink technology.