Welcome to COVID-19 HUB Worldwide Cooperation Platform

The current COVID-19 crisis has sparked international collaborations and activated worldwide initiatives to support and help those who are in need. During this unprecedented and fast-changing global situation, this is clear that “we are all in this together.”

The whole world is experiencing the same difficulties and is looking for solutions in order to support the entire healthcare sector.

Now is the time for all of stakeholders to come together as we respond to support this collective effort, both locally and globally.


To bring together people who do research and development on medicinal and biological products to deal with this COVID-19.
To ensure that the needs of those working for the treatment and prevention of the disease are announced and met.
To assist people and institutions on looking for partners for collaboration on R&D.
To support an open discussion forum where actors can share their experiences, solutions, requests and questions.
To facilitate the interaction between industrial cluster community and academic and scientific community to allow fast and direct responses to COVID-19.

We invite all of the stakeholders to participate on this platform if you have a piece of the puzzle – whether it is an asset, a technology or a product – and are looking for collaborators to assist your efforts, we want to hear from you.